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Idli / Idly / Idiyapam / Puttu Maker

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Catering / Commercial Cooking

Anantha Stainless Steel Puttu Kudam 4 Pipe


Coffee / Tea

Brass Coffee Filter 3

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Idly / Idiyapam Maker

Dhokla Idly Stand 4 Plates


Idly / Idiyapam Maker

Dlx Ss Idiappam Stand 5 Plate


Idly / Idiyapam Maker

Jvl Ss Puttu Kudam Round (Rpk-1)

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Idly / Idiyapam Maker

Jvl Ss Puttu Maker Round (Rpc)


Idly / Idiyapam Maker

Ss Mini Idly 3 Plate 45 Pits

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Traditional Idli / Idly Pot, Stainless Steel, Aluminium pots with 21 pits, 15 pits, thatu Idli, Mini Idli and, Commercial idlies with 90 pits. Idiyapam Maker, Hoppers, Puttu Maker,

idli cooker australia, idli Pot, commercial idli steamer, Idli steamer, mini idli stand, idli plates, idli maker, idli cooker, Thatu idli pot, idiyappam stand,Dhokla Idly Stand 4 Plates,dhokla stand, Dhokla maker, heart idli stand, Tripod Idiyappam maker, Tripod Idiyappam stand, Brass Filter coffee maker, Stainless Steel Filter coffee maker, Puttu maker, Puttu kudam, Stainless Steel Puttu Kudam, Pressure cooker puttu kudam maker. Idli Cooker Online, Idli cooker Stainless Steel, Commercial idly cooker An idly pot, also known as an idli maker, is a kitchen utensil used to make idlis, a popular South Indian steamed rice cake. It typically consists of two parts: a large container for water and a set of smaller round containers with cavities to pour the idli batter into.

The entire assembly is then placed on the stove to steam the idlis. The idly pot is a staple in South Indian households and is also used in other parts of India and the world by those who enjoy this delicious and nutritious dish

Idiyappam, also known as string hoppers, is a traditional South Indian and Sri Lankan dish made from rice flour. It is typically served as a breakfast item or for dinner. The process involves making rice flour into a dough, which is then shaped into thin noodles and steamed. Idiyappam is often served with coconut milk, curries, or spicy condiments. It's a delicious and versatile dish that's enjoyed in various ways across different regions.

Puttu is a traditional South Indian and Sri Lankan dish made of steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut. It's typically served for breakfast with side dishes such as chickpea curry, banana, or grated coconut. The rice powder is moistened with water and coconut, then steamed in a cylindrical bamboo or metal container. Once cooked, it has a light, fluffy texture. Puttu is popular for its unique taste and is often enjoyed as a wholesome and filling breakfast.