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Traditional Hangings range from Diya, Door Hanging, Wall Hangings, Diwali Lights, Door & Key Hangings


Wall Hangings / Tapestry

Ethnic Carved Brass Wall Diya Hanger


Religious wall hanging, Decorative wall Hanging, Dream catcher wall hanging, Traditional backdrop, Bandarwal door hanging, Swastik wall hanging, curtain lights,Hanging Temple bells and and much more hanging to decorate your wall and give it a indian touch. Decorate your Home with Diwali Lights, Diwali Garlands, Diwali Candle light holders. Diwali Diyas, Happy Diwali Banners, Agal Vilaku Deepam Lights and much to enhance your diwali celebrations. Diwali Wall Hangings, Diwali Bells, Diwali Backdrops, Diwali Lamps