Terms and Conditions

We, as BigBindi, have laid down a certain number of Terms and Conditions, which will be applied to every single of the person who wishes to shop from us by using our site. It is important, and we highly recommend every single one of our clients to go through the complete document before using the site. If you agree to all these Terms and Conditions, then there should be no consequential problems. However, in the case that you feel like you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions, you must stop using the site, as these terms and conditions will not change unless we wish for them too.

User Account, Security, and Passwords:

Once you have decided to use BigBindi for your shopping, you will need to create an account, where all of your personal information will be required. This personal information can include your name, your contact number, email and other payment information. After your account, if made, you will also be provided with a username and a password which you can choose for yourself, but maintaining the confidentiality of this information is your own responsibility. In this case, it is your responsibility to keep this information to yourself and not let anyone know about it.

In the case that your account is being hacked or used by someone else, you must contact and inform us immediately. In this case, we will not be responsible for any loss or consequential problems. As far as our end of the responsibility is concerned, your information will be kept safe with us, and in no case will be exposed or given out. We will only be using the information you provide us when required, and apart from that, there is no possibility of BigBindi intentionally giving your personal information.


BigBindi does not allow any user to modify, copy or use the data obtained from this site and use it somewhere else. It will, in no case, be tolerated by us, as the content marked as the official content of the site is under our copyrights, and in no case do we allow any of our users to use any of the data from this site by either modifying it, or copying it, or publishing it. However, limited usage is allowed under the conditions that the name of our site is clearly mentioned, and it is also mentioned that the content belongs to this site. Except for that, all other kinds of usage, whether commercial or non-commercial is not permitted.

Exactness of your Order:

If you have ordered something, we must let you know that the products you receive might not be exactly as is portrayed by any element present on the site. This is why, the products you receive might not be exactly perfect or perfectly meeting your expectations, but there can be several reasons behind this. These reasons can include the fact that there can be difference in the angle in which the picture of the product was taken, and the lighting and quality of the picture might also give you the illusion of a brighter or duller than the actual color of the product.

Either way, these small modifications in the color and the design must be taken into consideration. However, in the case of bigger changes like the difference in the kind of brand, or a noticeable difference in the design, size or color of the product we will inform the customer before the processing, and let them know that certain procedures will be necessary due to availability or any other problem the site might be facing.

If the customer is okay with the changes, the procedure will continue. However, we will stop the procedure if you do not agree with these modifications, and wish to wait until we can get you the exact product that you need. Either way, the customer will not face any major inconvenience only that in the case that the customer does not agree with the modifications, the order would be delayed, and will take longer to process than the actual order would have.

Third Party Site Linkages:

There will be certain links mentioned on the site of BigBindi, leading you to other third-party sites. These links are only there on our website for the sake of your own convenience. By putting these links on our website, we do not claim to have any contracts or connection with the owners or the content of these third-party sites. We are not aware of the content present on those sites, neither are we aware of the terms and conditions set down by those sites.

We do not take responsibility for any of the actions or the content which is present on the third part site. Which is why, it is not our responsibility to make sure that the content present on these third party sites is accurate or relevant, or to make sure that the site does not take any actions that do not go well with you. To make sure you are moving towards a safe and relevant site, you must go through their respective Terms and Conditions to know how they operate so that you know where you’re going. However, if you choose to proceed to a third party site without getting to know about their Terms and Conditions, we will not be held responsible for any kind of consequences.


We try as hard as we can to make sure that all the information displayed on our site, along with the prices and the descriptions are up to date and highly accurate. However, in some cases, there might be errors in the pricing that might have passed through without us noticing. This is why, when it comes to pricing, we reserve the right to cancel any orders if they are being processed and are having the wrong prices labeled on them. If the orders have already been processed and dispatched, however, then we might not cancel the order and let it reach you.

During the processing, if we come to realize that the price mentioned had been wrong, we might contact you first and let you know about the situation, asking you if you still want the order to proceed or cancel the order. Both of these actions can be easily carried out with the least amount of inconvenience, and we will take the responsibility for the error, because of which we will let it be if the order has already been dispatched. However, we still reserve the right to cancel an order with the wrong pricing.


If BigBindi believes that any of your actions have gone against the set Terms and Conditions, or if anything is done by a user which seems to displease us, we hold all the rights to terminate the respective account, without having to ask the said person first. We can also delete any of the content uploaded by you, or related to the services that you’ve used if we feel like it does not go well within the community guidelines set down or if the content seems to be abusive or anything like that.


All of the points present in this particular document are equally applied to both, male and female. No part of the document discriminates amongst the genders, thus every single person has to follow the same guidelines set down within these terms and conditions, and if a person either male or female goes against any of the guidelines, they will have to face the same consequences, no matter what the gender is. It is also true that the terms and conditions exclude no one, and everyone who is using our site will be bound by these terms.

Report Abuse:

BigBindi does not review any of the content which the users post on our site. This means that we hold no strict checks, and just as you post something, it might appear on our site immediately. In this case, the user posting that content will be held liable if the content is inappropriate, and the user will be held accountable if the content posted has violated any copyrights, trademarks, or is abusive to another thing. In this way, we will not tolerate anything, and the consequences may include the termination of the account, and there can be harsher consequences if the problems are extreme.

In the case that you might see any such thing on the website, which seems to violate any copyrights or which seems to be abusive to you or to anyone else, you can always report the content by emailing it to us immediately, after which we hold all the rights to remove any such content from our websites which does not go well with the users or with us, or does not suit our standards. We can do this without the permission of the user who posted this content, and serious consequences might follow to ensure that such content isn’t posted again.

Cancelation of Orders:

It is important to note that we hold the right to cancel any order if it seems to be going against any of our community guidelines. In there is an error within the order, we can cancel the order and not let it proceed. This will be more common in the case of frauds, where we regularly check our transactions to make sure there is no fraud within them. In the case that we do detect something, that we do find out something is wrong, we can hold all the rights to cancel all the previous, present, or future orders with that transaction.

We also hold all the rights to cancel the order if they were mentioned with the wrong pricing and continue to proceed with the same wrong price. We will know, in that case, that we shall not let the order go with the wrong price. We might contact the respective client and ask them about the way they would ask us to go, if they can place the order again with the new updated price. If not, we hold all the rights to cancel that particular order.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions mentioned under this document will not be changing unless we choose to change a particular point, or update these according to the current situations at certain times. If we choose to change anything mentioned under this document, it will be our responsibility to let our users know about these changes. If the users are okay with all the changes, they can proceed with using the site with no amount of inconvenience. However, if any of the users do not accept these changes, the user can stop using the site if it suits them better.


It is the user’s responsibility to log in earlier if they need to avail the best of the offers and discounts, or the best of the designs and styles. If you fail to log in earlier you might let go of the best offers, as we deal on the ‘first come, first serve’ basis. We shall not be held accountable if you miss out on any of the offers, as we might or might not update our users about the offers. We do not restock our products as soon as they are sold out, and we do not update our users about the stock either. We only update the information when all the products are sold out.